Celebrating 3 Years Of Giving Back To Our Community

News | November 11th, 2016


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Running a Bed and Breakfast for people going through health concerns brings with it unique opportunities. As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of Haven Of Hope Farm Bed and Breakfast this year, we look back with thankfulness at the many experiences that have taken place over the course of time since we have been open and are excited to share them with you on our blog today.

We have met a wide variety of wonderful people who have stayed at our bed & breakfast. Their journeys have often been ones of suffering ,endurance, sorrow, and yet they are somehow able to see the joy and simple gifts life holds. As hosts, these individual guests have been an incredible example to us of what it means to overcome life’s challenges and the importance of valuing our relationships with friends and family.

To provide hospitality and walk alongside during their time of treatment or retreat is an absolute privilege!  The quietness of the countryside, the beauty of the Niagara escarpment and warm accommodations have been a gift to so many who have entered the doors of Haven Of Hope Farm Bed and Breakfast.

4 highlights over the course of these past 3 years have been:

1. Building Relationships With Our Local Hospitals,Hospices,Wellspring Niagara and Chamber of Commerce
As you can imagine running a Bed and Breakfast specifically for those with health concerns requires partnering with local health organizations and business professionals to ensure that people are aware that accommodations are available. Since opening our doors we have had cancer patients, those requiring accommodations with disabilities, families attending local funerals, and people traveling through the Niagara Region stay with us.


support group retreat

2. Support Group Retreats

We have been able to host several support group day retreats which included providing lunch for those in attendance, guest speakers , fellowship time and a tour around the farm.


3. Producing a Video Curriculum For Children

We had the unique privilege of having our farm and Bed and Breakfast be part of the filming location for a children’s television series LOUIS SAYS produced by Crossroads.

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 4. Niagara Life Centre Home Tour

During Christmas time we had the privilege of being part of the Niagara Life Centre home tour fundraising event. Our home was decorated from top to bottom with Christmas decor and many people from the community came through our door.

To all who have helped to make the dream of Haven Of Hope Farm B&B a reality again we thank you! We look forward together to another year, anticipating the gift of being able to give back to our community.

Continue to come back to our blog for all the latest of what is happening at Haven of Hope Farm Bed and Breakfast!

Your Hosts,

Dave & Daphne Bakker